Equestrian Helmets – A Necessity for Riders of all Skill Levels

wearing helmets when riding horses

September 16th & 17th are International Helmet Awareness Day(s).   For International Horse Helmet Awareness Day, many tack shops and online stores are offering discounts on their equestrian helmets. Check out www.Riders4Helmets.com for a store near you. Rockin’ L&D Ranch is an active facility for Horses4Heroes, and Troxel Helmets is a … Keep Reading

It’s Never Too Late to Take Riding Lessons

adults enjoy riding lessons carrie with horse by the water

How to Find the Right Adult Instructor for You by Lori Hall-McNary Whether you’re changing disciplines, showing or just feel a need to fine-tune your horsemanship skills, you are never too old to take riding lessons.  Working with a good instructor will build your confidence and help you to enjoy … Keep Reading