Learn horsemanship and riding skills in a fun, safe, family oriented environment.

Riders will learn the basics of good horsemanship, sportsmanship, universal riding skills and correct riding techniques in their chosen discipline and equine science with safety emphasized. All riding lessons will include proper warm-up, cool-down and depending on the individual’s goals and skill level; pattern work, arena work, trail work, cattle sorting and more.  Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Composite (Level 1-4) book is a recommended investment www.CHA-AHSE.ORG as your riding and written tests are from the CHA book . Magazines and suggested equine reading material will be given to you. We may video tape certain riding sessions for more enhanced learning. Students will receive verbal progress reports or written progress reports upon request. Mounted and unmounted riding lessons are one hour. We also offer special needs riding classes for youth and adults. Our Instructors are CHA or PATH certified. Riding Lessons are offered Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm. Sundays are usually reserved for special equine events, horse shows and occasional riding lessons.

Private Riding Lessons WESTERN or ENGLISH: Adult and Youth
One or more lesson a week – $65.00

TINY TOTS: Horsemanship & Riding class – Fun, safe, informative 30 minute lesson is a great starter for those 4 – 6 year old cowgirls and cowboys that have “out-grown” the pony rides at the fairs.  $30.00. We provide riding boots and SEI/ATSM certified equestrian helmets.

Semi-Private Riding and Horsemanship Lessons Adult and Youth:                   One  or more lesson a week – $45.00  (per rider). We teach both Western and English riding lessons. Rockin’ L&D Ranch will provide riding boots and SEI/ATSM certified equine helmets. We suggest after three months to purchase your own helmet at Hawthorne Country store or Mary’s Tack and Feed. You can find riding boots at Cowgirlz (1330 E. Valley Parkway #D Escondido 92027) or Boot Barn.   (For safety reasons riders in group lessons must be seven years of age or older unless my assistant is available to help) . 

Commitment from the student is important in the training/coaching process.  Western or English Riding Lessons need to be scheduled in advance and paid for to secure a guaranteed day and time. Riding and Horsemanship Lessons are to be paid at the time service is rendered by check or cash. Cancellation of a lesson via text or phone 760-224-2483 within 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson or you will be charged for the lesson.

Parents/grandparents/spouses, friends are welcome to watch the lesson in progress. Children must be supervised at all times. All riders, family, friends who are on my ranch must sign a liability release.

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