Rockin’ L&D Equine Education Services

Rockin’ L&D Equine Education Services is a non-profit 501c (status pending) created to help service three specific groups in the community.

Our philosophy is champions aren’t born they are made. We believe in the pure heart of a champion be it human or horse. Our non-profit educational services meets the goal of finding the heart of a champion in each individual equine, rider or non-rider.


We rehabilitate horses in need. Once the horse recovers we find it a job. Possible lesson horse at the Rockin’ L&D Ranch, a trail horse for a first time owner or a companion animal. We guarantee the right fit for the horse and human or the equine comes back for more care and retraining.

Our latest success story is Breezy, a beautiful breeding stock paint with a flaxen mane and tail. In January of this year she went completely blind in both eyes, her right side of her face and part of her body paralyzed. Due to the generous donations of time and money Breezy has made a remarkable recovery. She’s still on the mend but is being ridden by Lori with the hope for her to be back in lessons by the end of the year.


We specialize in special needs children who fall through the cracks. There are several excellent therapeutic programs that address the needs of the severely challenged population, but many higher functioning children don’t fit into other programs. At Rockin’ L&D Ranch we have riding programs that integrate children with autism, limited or delayed motor and/or mental skills and other challenges. Our certified instructors have years of experience in working with special needs clients as do our volunteers. We have fabulous, kind horses that take extra care of our special needs children.

Carrie Goldman is P.A.T.H. (Professional Association Therapeutic Horsemanship) certified Instructor, her Arabian horse Sundance Kid (aka Popeye) and kids.

Lori Hall-McNary is EAGLA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified and CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor.


ACTIVE MILITARY and their families.

The military men and women sacrifice so much for our Country we like to give back in the form of Operation Free Ride. Each family receives a one time free lesson or trail ride, discounts on all ranch services, plus free open houses where they can come with their family relax, learn to rope, ride, barrel vault, goat tie, arts and crafts, meet other families and share stories, plus eat yummy snacks and drinks. To date we have given over sixty free rides, hosted an open house and a fund raising horse show.

To continue our programs we need your help.

The horses we partner with our special needs children are older ( horses in their late twenties) and need daily medication and supplements.

$150 donation supplies Shurroco with his Cushing medicine and joint supplements for one month. A donation of $1,800 would keep Shurroco supplied for a year.

$120 donation supplies Nikia with and joint and arthritis medicine for one month. $1,295 keeps her in a full set of shoes every seven weeks for a year.

$85 donation supplies joint supplements for Coco for a month. $185 every 6-7 weeks for a full set of shoes.

$100 donation per month supplies Breezy with her supplements while $1,295 will keep a full set of shoes on her for the year.

We provide partial and full scholarships for Rockin’ L&D Equine Education Day Camps. $345 would provide a full scholarship for a special needs child or a financially challenged youth.

To continue lessons for active military families a package of four one hour lessons for two people is $330.

Any dollar amount you can donate to help continue Rockin’ L&D Equine Education programs is greatly appreciated. Please make checks out to: Rockin’ L&D Equine Education Services and mail to: 1019 Deodar Road Escondido, CA 92026

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




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