Horseback Riding Resources: Equipment


Finding Equipment in North County


Boot Barn

Hawthorne Country Store --

Located at 675 W. Grand here in Escondido and also at 2762 S. Mission Road in Fallbrook, Hawthorne Country Store is locally owned and has a great stock of tack, feed, riding clothes, and other equipment.  It's also just a really fun place to hang out.


Professional Choice --

Troxel Helmets --

Troxel helmets are some of the best out there.  Not only that, Troxel is very supportive of the equestrian community.  They have donated several of our helmets in support of our Horses4Heroes program.  They are a superb quality.  You can get them locally at Hawthorne Country Store or on various sites on the internet.  Go to Troxel's site to get a 10% off coupon.

Horseback Riding Resources: National Organizations

Horseback Riding Resources: Local Organizations Doing Work Right Here


Local Horses, Local People

California Gymkhana Association

Vallecito Spurs (V-Spurs) Gymkhana

Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association

Community Outreach Program (the people help on the ranch learning working skills). 

T.E.R.I. Therapeutic Equestrian Program

Horseback Riding Resources: Good Reading

 Equestrian Articles

Sara Mastellar's articles on Horseback Riding Helmet Safety

Equestrian Books

Equestrian Videos