As many of us know, Nikia passed away on April 29, 2014. She was always a fighter and had a heart of gold. She taught countless students how to be better riders and to never give up. Nikia, no doubt about it, was a firecracker with the need for speed but her patients and gentleness for her riders will never be forgotten. She will always be a fond memory of Rockin L&D Ranch! R.I.P. Nikia.

Walnut Grove park


15 hand American Quarter horse, Nikia, was a favorite among Rockin’ L&D Ranch’s lesson horses due to hug-ability, sweet temperament and she plays nice with all the other horses. Despite her age she was an energetic horse both in the show arena and out on trail. She tolerated all form of “dress-up” which is very popular with our birthday party kids and students that participate in the Christmas parades and Halloween costume contests.

Ranch sorting practice



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