Show Team Photos

2013 meet Rockin’ L&D Ranch Show Team riders and horses: 

 Rockin’ L& D Ranch offers a three tier Gymkhana Show Team on our horses or your horse. Students must be at CHA Level 2B or higher except Leadline participants. Contact Lori Hall-McNary at 760-741-1179or for more information on how to qualify for Rockin’ L&D Ranch Show Team.

Team A:  The student is enrolled in a minimum of two one hour lessons a week plus eight hours of ranch work a month. Team A students commit to nine to eleven V-Spurs shows a year plus participate in out-reach programs such as Horse Heritage Days in San Marcos, Christmas parade, etc.

Team B: The student is enrolled in a minimum of six one hour lessons per month plus eight hours or ranch work a month. Team B students will commit to six to seven V-Spurs and/or other club shows a year and participate in community out-reach programs.

Team C: The student is enrolled in a minimum of one lesson a week plus six hour of ranch work. Team C  student will commit to four shows a year and participate in community out-reach programs.

For additional information, pricing and horse availability  please contact Lori Hall-McNary at 760-741-1179 or 


Amanda AA Division on Rose Cloud in Quadrangle Stakes. Last show of the season before going off to college in Arizona.


Rockin’ L&D Ranch Young Show Team dress up for the Halloween costume contest at the two V-Spurs horse show in Warner Springs.

Mariah on Shurroco. July Gymkhana Show 2012


   Leadline on Scouty. Scouty who actually won a trophy saddle in FC division a few years ago has retired from lessons and the show ring He still loves to go out on trail and hang out with people and his buddy horse Eddie. Scouty resides in Valley Center, a gift to one of Lori’s long time student.

Carrie and her Arabian pole horse Sundance Kid aka Popeye

nin year old Jodi on 29 year old Quarter horse Nikia. Won Reserve High Point in FC Division first year on the show team.

Mia and her Mom, Carrie on leadline.


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