Lucy is an American Connemara Pony, which is an Irish sport pony.  Connemaras are more common on the East Coast, so we are thrilled to have her here. 


Rockin L&D Ranch Our Horses Lucy
Rockin L& D Ranch Our Horses Rose


Rose is a bay roan mustang mare, and a student favorite -- with beginners, she's slow and patient; with more advanced students, she knows how to provide challenges. 

She's a champion gymkhana horse and loves to be active.  Not too shabby for being 75 years old in human years!


Dixie is a sweet buckskin quarter horse mare. She's been with us for twelve years. Despite being up in years, she still loves to ride in lessons and conquer the trails. 

Dixie looking sweet Rockin' L&D Ranch our horses


Bear is a 19-year-old quarter horse gelding and is our tallest horse. He is a great lesson horse for more experienced riders.  In Bear's first career, he was a police horse for the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, and the skills he learned there have helped in training other horses.


Fergie came to us when her military family had to go back to the East Coast.  Fergie is a good lesson horse, but also loves the attention she gets being decorated at birthday parties.

Rockin' L&D Ranch Our Horses Fergie Headshot


Our resident "ranch clown," Nitro can be seen engaging in antics and performing for the crowds.  He's not incredibly useful, but he makes us laugh.


Lil' Sebastian has nothing on Bunny. She is our ranch mascot and participates in a lot of our community activities. Bunny is training to be a therapy horse, and people just love her.

Rockin' L&D Ranch Our Horses Bunny
Rockin' L&D Ranch Peaches



Peaches: Is a 16 year-old Welsh-cross pony with a sorrel color and flaxen mane and tail.  She looks like a Barbie pony, and makes a great parade and gymkhana pony.



Lucky has come a long way since he arrived here three years ago.  He's been added to our team of lesson horses and is sweet and playful.

Rockin' L&D Ranch Our Horses Lucky Headshot