Foresters Creeks Fancy Feathers is an appropriate name for this little spitfire, but we just call her Bunny.  This American miniature horse is a pinto mare who charms wherever she goes.

Lil Sebastian Has Nothing on Bunny

Bunny is being trained as a therapy horse. She has participated in parades and has even made appearances inside San Marcos City Hall.  She is always popular when we take her to houses, schools, parks, demonstrations, and clinics.  She has worked for charities such as Paws for Patriots, helping to raise funds for good causes.  She is a big part of our community outreach programs for Rockin' L&D Equine Education Services.

Filling the role as the chief mascot of Rockin' L&D Ranch, she takes her role as boss mare seriously.  All the other horses listen to her and she makes she they behave. 

Rockin' L&D Ranch horses, Bunny
Rockin' L&D Ranch horses Bunny
Rockin' L&D Ranch horses Bunny therapy horse