Rescuing Dixie

We rescued this grade Quarter horse at the age of twenty-five just as she was about to be sent South to slaughter. Her teeth were rotting. When we took her in we provided dental care, but several of her teeth had to be pulled and she had to be put on a special diet of pellets, which she is still on. She still likes having Burmuda hay to throw around her stall and munch on. That beautiful light brown coloring is known as "buckskin."

We think she has Paso Fino blood mixed with quarter horse because of the way she moves.

Despite arthritis in her hips (she is on medication) she is still energetic in the arena and out on the trail.

Dixie loves to be brushed and hugged. Her best buddy is Peaches, but she gets along with all the horses in our herd.

Dixie in Corral Rockin' L&D Ranch Horses
Dixie and rider Rockin' L&D Ranch horses