Rose Cloud

Rescuing Rose Cloud

Our farrier had told me about this mare that was standing in mud and manure up to her knees. She had been owned by a teen who had lost interest and the parents had no idea how to take care of the bossy horse.

Rose is a red roan mustang, and her coat changes colors with the season.  She's beautiful and dynamic.

Rose Cloud has Fit Right In

When she first came to Rockin L&D Ranch, she was an English riding horse, but she soon fell in love with Western gymkhana patterns, trail rides, and cow sorting. She loves Pole Bending and Hurry Scurry in Gymkhana and has won several show competitions with her students.  She still loves being outfitted in her English gear and going over ground poles and cross trails.  

Rose Cloud has graced the cover of the local paper and has been in several magazines including Stable Management

She is all business when it comes to lessons. With beginners, she is slow and patient. With more advanced riders, she might cut a corner cone to make sure they are paying attention.

Rose Cloud is a sure-footed trail horse that takes care of Lori's seventy-five-year-old mom, whose name is also ROSE and in human years they are both 75 years young.

Rose Cloud with Amanda
Rose Cloud Running with Amanda