Horseback Birthday Parties at Rockin' L&D Ranch

Birthday Parties at the Ranch

We are a great location for a birthday celebration.  Located on the border between Escondido and San Marcos, we are just a few minutes from Highway 78 and I-15, -- your guests will have no problem finding us.  But even with our convenient location, our ranch is sheltered and peaceful.  Ya'll will feel like you really are away on the ranch.

A Horseback Birthday Party

Each party includes:

  • Age-appropriate themed party favors
  • Helmets and boots for all riders
  • A special gift for the birthday child
  • Time to groom the horses
  • Time to decorate horses with paint, glitter, and ribbons
  • Instruction on correct riding techniques while playing games like "Musical Stalls"
  • Horseback riding in the ring
  • Options for learning how to rope, barrel vault, or make a horse-themed craft

A Memorable Day

Ranch Birthday Party Options

Party with 4-6 Children

2 hours long


Party with 7-9 Children

2 1/2 to 3 hours long


*for more guests, contact Lori for information

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