Rockin' L&D Equine Education Services

Champions aren't born, they are made.

That's been our motto all along, but sometimes the route is longer and the champions need some extra help.

Because of this, we established Rockin' L&D Equine Education Services --  a local charity that provides assistance to horses and humans.  Please donate via Paypal, so that we can continue to provide the various services.


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Rockin' L&D Equine Education Services is a 501-3c Non-Profit Charity -- Tax ID # 27-0177669 

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How We Help

Rockin' L&D Equine Services is a 501-3C non-profit organization (tax id # 27-0177669).  We reach out to the community to help in many different ways

We Help Horses

Rockin' L&D Equine Education Services serves as a center for rehabilitating horses that no longer have a home or a job.  We nurture them back to health and help them stay there.  We retrain them to function in new environments and roles, and if possible -- we find them a good home as a trail horse or a companion horse.

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We Provide Specialized Services for Special Needs Children

Lori Hall-McNary is EAGLA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified and CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor.  Rockin L&D Ranch can provide hippotherapy (therapy involving horseback) and other services

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Camp Scholarships

We provide partial and full scholarships for our summer day camp for special needs kids and those with financial need.  $350 provides a full scholarship for a child.

We Work with Military Families through Horses for Heroes

We are the local chapter of Horses for Heroes, and provide riding lessons for military and their families at discounted rates (sliding scale).  Our soldiers are champions.

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