Rehabilitating Horses

Equine Rehabilitation, Re-training, Relocation

There are times, for one reason or another, that horses can no longer serve in the roles they were in:

  • The horse might have health issues that need to be addressed
  • Facilities might be inadequate
  • The role the horse filled might become obsolete

We help these horses.  Please help us by making a tax deductible donation.  See below for more information.

What We Do


  • If the horse was not healthy, we provide medical care and therapy for the horse and work to restore the horse to health.
  • We provide remedial grooming, if that was an issue.
  • We give proper care and feed for the horse.


Sometimes the horse's previous training doesn't apply to any new role he might fill. 

We retrain the horse and give it a new role in the lives of people. 

Horses need purpose, too.


We find the horse a new life.  This may be as a trail horse with a new family, or as a companion animal.  Serving as one of our lesson horses is also a possibility.  We strive to find a good match for horses and humans, and will take the horse back for more care and retraining should it not be a good fit.

equine rehabilitation - bear

Bear had a former life as a police horse

Currently, all of our lesson horses came to us through our equine rehabilitation program. 

Some of our Costs

per $200.00
Hooves Trimmed (every 6 weeks)
per Horse
Veterinarian, Fly Spray, etc.
$$ ??
per Month
Rockin' L&D Ranch riding lesson


Bear was a police horse before he joined us and has become a great lesson horse. He needs an added supplement that costs $45 per month
Rockin' L&D Ranch Fergie at post


Fergie is our youngest horse at 19 years old. She needs medications and supplements that run $125 a month.

Rose Cloud

Rose Cloud, a bouncy 25-year-old beauty, requires $75 per month in supplements.
wearing helmets when riding horses


Our sweet Dixie, at 32 years old, has a monthly $64 medication bill, plus because of rotten teeth, needs special hay/feed that runs $100 extra.
equine rehabilitation Lucy


Lucy requires a feed supplement that costs $75 per month

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support

the rehabilitation and care of these horses

(Rockin L&D Ranch Equine Education Services, 501-3c Tax ID # 27-0177669)

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